Rossana Saavedra

Rossana Saavedra  presents “Respiración” (Respiration)

Chilean singer and composer, with an outstanding trajectory.

In 2011 she finished her first musical project as a soloist, after being awarded by the Chilean government, through the musical and creation funds of Chile in 2008, organization that financed a part of the project, being the rest of the project financed with resources and self-management of the own artist.

The processes of recording and art of the disc “Respiración” are finalized in totality, therefore the musical project is apt for the national and international diffusion.

It is a musical project World music & Pop Jazz, musical work in that they consider varied colors, universes, musical and sonorous textures of infinite elegance, fine vocal expression, it’s a trip by templance, reflection and musical infinity.
In this musical production there are 4 themes created by Rossana Saavedra

- Abrazar La soledad
- Rossana’s Song
- Ella espera
- Noche de Mayo   (composition dedicated to Brazil and singer-pianist Tania María)

Also tribute to great artists such as:
-Víctor Jara     “Te Recuerdo Amanda”    (Chile)
-Nino García     “Espejismo”                        (Chile)
-Hugo Moraga    “Niño de Guerra”             ( Chile )
-Roberto Carlos  “Detalles”                        (Brasil)
-Piero    “La Piel Cansada”                        (Argentina)

 Among 2 other musical compositions of International characteristic. Jazz Standard:

- You don’t Know what Love is   (Don Raye & Gene de Paul)
- Softly as in a morning Sunrise ( Sigmund Romper & Oscar Hammerstein)
This musical production has counted with the participation of outstanding national and international musicians such as:

Scott Henderson Guitarrista   / Estados Unidos
Chrsitian Gálvez (premio Altazor 2002 and 2006) Joe Vasconcellos   / Chile 
Federico Dannemann / Argentina
Marinho Boffa  , Paulo Primola  /  Brasil
Ernesto Artimex,   Efrén Viera   , David Ortega / Cuba…among others

This musical production has international commercial projections of being distributed in Latin America (Argentina, Brazil and Mexico among other countries) In Europe (Germany, Holland, Spain, France and England) and USA.
In Chile marketing strategies for promotion effects will be realized for this musical production on (TV programs, video clip, radio interviews, capital and regional newspapers, launching concerts, posters, web site, among other media) and its radial diffusion throughout the country.
Sales will be done in I Tunes, face book, MySpace and music stores like, kind of blues, Musicland, extravaganza, Feriamix among others.
Also massive sales will be made to Vineyards, large private companies and Banks for their clients and cooperative events.

Also apply this musical production in the diverse and most outstanding Jazz festivals and World music around the world.